Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And so I'm back!

Sometimes I wonder why all my friends constantly point out that I'm a geek. Then I realize I'm pretty much in love with the BBC's Robin Hood and it all becomes very clear.

Hello internet. I know we haven't talked much in awhile. I missed you, but I was busy going through the antisocial part of my year. Let's catch up. Here, I'll go first:

[craft plans]

So I'm about to start a new type of project. If all goes well, I should be able to produce awesome-looking pendants for a small price that I can then turn around and sell on eBay or Etsy. I don't want to get too ahead of myself yet, but I can't deny I'm excited.

I've also got this new fabric glue that claims it can stretch and needs no sewing. Since I'm too lazy and impatient to approach the world of sewing normal projects (much less knits) just yet (with all the other things I want to learn still lined up), this might work out in my favor. I have a dress I'm trying to copy and I already have the fabric I need for it, now I just need to glue it together. That hopefully sounds stupider than it will actually look.

The other projects on the horizon: wire-working stones for pendants (this has been surprisingly hard to pull off so far since I'm looking to make something functional and pretty), a felt purse, a clutch made from an old placemat, mom's mother's day present, a few beading projects requested by my coworkers, polymer clay beads, budget silk-screening, decoupage bracelets, resin beads and shrinky-dink jewelry.

[/end craft plans]

I also need to strategically convert an old Clash t-shirt Will gave me into a tank-top to avoid including poorly located holes (haha, I got you! The craft plans weren't yet over! Don't YOU feel dumb!) Oh, and have I mentioned I'm in love with Paul Simonon? Will's disturbingly happy about this, probably because he was afraid I was going to try to take Joe Strummer from him. Like I don't know better than that. I know my place:

1. Joe Strummer
2. Me

So, internet, how have YOU been?

...still not speaking to me, I see. That's super cold, internet.

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